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Hemlock Grove is Coming to Netflix!

My favorite book is getting made into a TV Show! Brian McGreevy released the novel, Hemlock Grove back in March 2011. By the end of the year Netflix had decided to make it into a tv show exclusively for them. Not bad for a debut author right?

The novel is about a spooky town where people seem to share traits to that of famous monsters. There’s a vampire, a frankenstein, a werewolf, a witch and more.

A girl is found murdered there and it looks like a werewolf attack. Anyway, it turns into a bit of a whodunnit mystery, or should I say ‘what’ dunnit. I won’t say anymore for fear of ruining the novel and show.

You can find out more about it by reading this Hemlock Grove TV Show article.

There has been a lot of this sort of show lately - think the inevitable Twilight and True Blood comparisons. However, I think this one could be a bit different. The mystery element sounds pretty cool. Well, it was in the novel anyway.

The best news is that Eli Roth has signed on to bring the novel to the tv and computer screens. Roth is an expert at horror, particularly the gory and graphic kind. It looks like the casting is nearly complete and the show should be available for streaming early next year. Read this article to find out more about the Hemlock Grove Cast and Characters. It looks like Famke Janssen will be headlining the show as beautiful matriarch Olivia Godfrey - perfect casting!

I don’t actually have Netflix yet, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while. Now I’ll definitely be getting. Looks like it’s only about $8 a month at the moment.

Here’s a pic from that first article I posted to:

It’s basically saying the recipe is a mix of Twilight, Cruel Intentions and Twin Peaks, which actually sounds about right!

I’ll post a trailer for the TV Show when it comes available. I can’t wait!